Extended Blessings

I met you one day and never expected we would fall in love.

Now all the holy shining stars above are giving us their deepest heart-felt blessings.

The sunset told the sunrise,

And the moon told Mars.

I had never expected it would get this far.

But now it has and the almighty God knows of our ongoing passion and our limited woes.

He told me of my future, my past, and how long we would last.

When I heard the news I just couldn't believe

That He said fate could not deceive us or harm or fool in any way possible.

At last I sighed and my heart was lifted

For now I knew that I had been gifted--

Not of myself but with you.

You are my past, present, future and the rest of my life.

I could merely draw a breath without you by my side.

You're always there for me,

Always on call.

The only thing I can do right now is give that love and honor back to you in a caring way.

So everyday I think of you and us together,

Our love like a feather,

Light and free,

And how blessed I am to have you with me!

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December '03

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i lov e this poem