A touch of her lips is like a cold drink of water after a 5 mile run.

Her hips are like the start of where the flower blossoms.

The start of beauty.

I yearn for her touch like an addict yearns for their drug.

She is my drug and she makes me go insane.

My motor skills aren’t keen when she’s in my system.

Too much dopamine pumping in my nerves.

She doesn’t have a clue what she does to me.

Oblivious to the obvious.

Blind to what is seen.

You can flip that.

Her eyes are like seeing the stars at night from a country town.

Abnormal iris

The irony.

After not kissing her for a while

Her lips remind me of your favorite dessert that you left in the freezer for a month.

It tastes better than it would have if you ate it all at once.

This dessert does not run out.

It’s free.

She gives you a feeling similar to going to a family reunion in the park.

It’s been forever but nothing has changed.

That same joyous feeling of always being able to come back to love.

Most don’t get to experience how she feels.

Search and destroy.

Occasionally she may play Call of Duty with you.

But that’s beside the point.

Once she touches you there is no escape

She has all of your attention and you can’t help it.

Your body is captive to her and you’re fine with that.

Crazy part is that she has no idea how extraordinary she is.

She’s that most beautiful girl out of any crowd.

She stands out and people look up to her.


I look up to her and admire how she carries herself.

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Love & No Bias

Somebody is in love and so cool they would never demonstrate any biases about their beloved. - Just too cool. I'm sure she LOVED the poem - :D - Just Bein' Stella





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haha she did :)

haha she did :)