Let me go.

Stop trying to hold me back.

Let me be great.

Don’t put me in a cage.

Let this bird fly.

So what if you’ve never seen this kind before.

Boy with the slick talk.

Boy with the slick walk.

Pulling everything he wants his way.

Dodging curves like he only like angles.

Boy is a square.

The least cool you’ll find.

He’s had a taste of the hype boy life.

It’s not meant for him.

Let him be the loner

Standing in the corner.

Nah he’s not in timeout.

He’s trying to stop time.


Scared to tell his boys he writes poetry.

You serious bro?

Get out of my face with that.




Call it what you want.

It is how it is.

You can’t make your passion.

Your passion finds you.

You can find your passion.

Quiet in a loud room.

Loud in a quiet room.

Center of attention.

Lack of attention.

You seek what you lack.

You want what you desire.

There is no forcing what’s natural.

It just kind of flows out.

Rivers pouring into lakes

Tears of joy.

Feels good to free.

I don’t want to be in this cage anymore.

They want me to be something I’m not.

I’m sorry mama

I can’t do that.

It’s not in me.

I can’t force it.

I found the key.

It was in me….

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Maturity Poem

Nice write ~slc~