Run Away

Just run away

From what you love the most

From what makes you smile everyday

From your motivation to wake up every day.

Just run away.

Don’t hold on to it

Don’t fight for it.

Don’t wrestle with love.

Just run away

And let it beat you up

Don’t learn how to accept the struggle.

Don’t accept that it will never be perfect.

Just keep letting one little mistake

Run you away.

Never giving you the opportunity

To truly know what love is.

Running before it gets real.

Yea love involves pain

Necessary pain

But you wouldn’t know that if you ran.

Give it all up that easily.

Every single time do the same thing.

Don’t learn from your past.

Stay provincial

And just run away.

Now here I am running from commitment.

One look from her and I smile.

But I try not to pay that attention.

I want to live the ideal bachelor life.

Party, drink, and have sex with every girl possible.

Getting serious with someone will hinder that.

So just ignore it and be the “typical” man.

You know what’s right and what’s wrong.

But let’s do all the wrong things the right way.

You know she could make you one of the happiest men alive.

She knows what she has.

He sees the potential.

But like a little boy

He runs away…



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And one day you will look back and there will be a trail of bad relationships behind you and she might be the one that got away. Or not :D