Spoken Word 1

I'm scared of my potential

And by not coming on this stage I would just handicap my mental.

Now I could use my hands to trace this stencil

But the picture wouldn't be so pretty.

Because how can you picture what you can't see.

And all I saw was my city.

So I knew nothing better.

Now I'm here with this pitcher full of poison for my soul.

Trying to spew it all out before my insides get old

And I decay until the point where I can't form a thought.

Jail was always chasing me so I tried not to get caught.

Statistics are funny right?

Most can't look past them because they lack sight

Just praying to God that everything's gonna be alright





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this is deep. great write, reading some of your more now. R x

please read my poems, and enjoy the real-life drama that is my life!

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"...before my insides get old..."

creative line and well said - allets