Before it's too late

White walls.
Plenty of time,
Is what the boy thinks.
He can't swim
But he jumps in the pool
And hopes he doesn't sink.
The pool has white walls.
Blankness is what I see.
Being able to create what I want
I see things that others do not.
At least that is what I think.
To me they are ghost that haunt.
I see myself
Not free
There are things
I cannot see.
White walls in the jail cells
But one wall is pure bars.
I am a caged beast.
Those people there
who call me friend
know me the least.
I say what I mean.
Do what I say.
As soon as I hear the beat.
I live for dreams.
The ones I cannot control.
Which is why I love to fall asleep.
On these walls I see my flaws.
My flaws create my past pain. 
Looking at these walls keep me from changing.
200 years ago 
I could have had it worse
And would have been slaving.
No I'm not Django
Or even Jamie Foxx.
I am more of a Jaden Smith.
Because they don't understand my drift.
But I do
That's all that really matters
Understanding self
I may be jading quickly
Turning into a white wall.
Unless I express myself.
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Break the 5th wall

You'll get out alive.

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I hope they are metaphorical, Mideastern Poet. I am from Michigan too. ~slc~