I Will Not Love You Again

Close my eyes only to see yours

Your gaze drifts away and ignores
Memories haunt me of dying days
Sadly no matter what anyone says
I will not love you again
Open my heart only for you
Filled with pain, what do you do
Hurt me by telling me these lies
All these things you tell other guys
I will not love you again
For you I let free my soul
But your love has such a toll
We both scream and we both fight
We both yell "Only I am right!"
I will not love you again
I will not love you again
You give me infinite pain
Fill my heart with agony
We're just a tragedy
I will not love you again 
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Amazing writing. I've experienced a pain so similar, and it takes a lot of courage to walk away. 

Good for you though. Best wishes. 

Peace and Love,