Misericordia had only pity for her self,

She was the only one she had left,

She didn't want to believe that love would be the savior of all,

Her hands draped against her ragged dress,

Give me these roses that I may bind

She kneels, lowering her head...

She wants to believe in this almighty god

Her hands cross against her knees,

Dear god please bless me with these hopes,

In all this pain I have went through, Please?

Dear god, I pray for the strength to get me through this,

Please lord please help me truly see.

I'm beginning to no longer believe I miss so much

Savior, You have given me the strength to be born,

Now could you give me the strength to die,

I want to go away, where I must fly.

I wish I wasnt here for this pain.

Dear God, please bless me with these endearments,

She lowers her head

A gentle hand presses against her forhead

I must bleed for you, My child...

I will not ask you to bleed for me

Dear God, please save me from this pain,

I dont want to go through anything ever ever again,

The enlightenment apon her soul, disapears

She has given up all that she fears...

She walks to the church window, standing on the balcony

Her hands all bloody,

She stands on the ledge, her feet tripping against themselves,

One behind the other, One against the other, Back... Front

Her breath catches up with her heart, She goes to get off the ledge,

Her foot slips, she falls face forward on the way before she hits the ground,

Dear god...

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