Plunge into Sorrow

This bitter draught, how much more hate;

I love it when the skies fall down on me,

Pushing me into a place,

No longer may I create;

Nor evolve, their is no budding to the taste;

Plunging into sorrow

I dont think anything will be better, today or tommorow

The blood beginning to drop across my wrist... and from the corners of my mouth

How much more is their left to bleed

I do bleed the same as anyone else

This  is taking way too long, cant you see

My last breath beginning to catch

I'm a moment from death; How many seconds is it from life?

I feel the pain

It's teasing your senses,

Possibly driving you insane.

My last four seconds is around us,

Are you going to sit back and ignore it..

or change it why you can?

Plunge into sorrow

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Analia Sattalon Renia's picture

Love it. Somehow this just caught my eye and I just had to read it and I just loved it. Great work.