Stop changing the subject

Stop changing the subject,

Did you ever come to think it affects me?

Not only me, but the true person you think you see.

I say things.. wanting you to fucking pay attention

Pay attention to everything I want to say

Maybe their is more hidden in the words;

Do you see the hate?

I hate for people to keep changing the subject

For all the words I may not say

Come on, the cling of lines, the words of fate;

come on bind me to the wall

Stop Changing the subject

It's what affects me most of all

I dont say the un-important

The important of the noticed

Stop changing the fucking subject

Maybe their is more hidden in words.

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Cecily Hope's picture

don't you hate it when you're trying to tell someone something important, and they completely miss it? this is a really good poem, i feel like this all the time. well written.

Leigh Stenhouse's picture

I know how you feel! LOL Perfect!