Little Gothic Girl

Little gothic girl cowering in the corner

you can see her feelings among us

Her true powers unbeleiving to the one who only perceives

Can you feel the pain she must go through?

The little gothic girl needs to remember...

Remember what?

She is the one that is most of aware of where you are

She is the outcast only shown by the darkness

Little gothic girl bleeds the same as any

Can you truly say the little girl at the freak show

Isnt who you want to take home?

The little goth doesnt have a home

Do you still love her?

It's amazing the pain of another, just because she's different

she has no place to call her own

It's our own guilt facing toward us

Little gothic girl, dont cry

the light will shine toward you freakish angel

You are the only true one to your self

You bleed and love the same

... Little gothic girl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one like Dead Freak Angel

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Leigh Stenhouse's picture

Very beautiful. Brings a tear to my eye.