Good Christian

Who are you to judge me

for only what you perceive and cannot see

Can youtruly judge me for what you think?

Why not for what you know or think you do

Rebellion is a sweet christian sorrow

Read the bible you sinner, is as far as I can go

Refirmation of the churches form a boundry

boundy of what you ask, Maybe 'tis what we call stupidity

All of your god loving feinds, absolutely mean nothing

You will still be dying past even what you beleive in

Are you a good christian?

Do you judge?

Do you hate?

You made the 16 year old blue eyed angel, Jump to her fate

All the things you do, make others feel like shit

You hypocrite ways, your last of days... Can you truly live with what you have done

The 16 year old  blue eyed angel, had never told another soul

to what her pain had been undured

Can you feel what she is seeing?

The pain  of judgement leaves her bleeding.

Are youa good Christian?

For judging what you perceive

Dont tell anyone anything, about looking at me.

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I read a lot of pain in this piece. I AM A CHRISTIAN and try to live the tenets as Christ himself said to do--not as a Pharisee (for show and to be noticed), or Sadducee (so full of rules the joy is lost), but I too have been hurt at times by church people and their judgements. My only answer for you is that God alone is the final judge and that when you are wrong you usually know it without others having to say so. And the most important thing of all I try to remember is that when "churchy" people criticize me or talk, they are NOT PLEASING the one they are supposed to be serving. It was the church who killed Jesus, not the courts.

God bless you,

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I know the feeling expressed in this one also. Are you sure you're not me? LOL I feel the same way about many Christians. I'm a Christian of sorts but I'm very liberal, many people have said I COULDN'T be a Christian because I'm a freak and I accept people that generally would be seen as "bad." I say fuck it, the whole message of Jesus is to LOVE and all these judgmental fuckers do is HATE. They twist the Bible's words around and make it a hate testament. I love what you're saying because many of them do hate what they fear or don't understand. They take the mentality of what Trent Reznor said "Maybe afraid of it, Let's discredit it." But remember what Marilyn Manson said, "You cannot sedate all the things you hate."

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I love this poem. It shows how some people of faith believe that they're better than eveyone else, and they understand where those people come from and what they feel. But they don't.