When ever you go away

When ever you go away

I feel the pain driving me more and more insane

My heart bleeds just for your touch

My love goes where ever you go

Where ever you may be

I'll be standing there with an open heart

Tears of pain, Tears of rage

I wonder if you'll come back to me

Reading your letters, the... hurt... I just turn the page

To set my painful emotions free

Where ever you you go away

When ever you go away

I would have always been your fiance`

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this once again, for the person who hurt me the most, He was so important to me... Thats what makes this poem so untrue now

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Lyz Krumbach's picture

Nice Ash... 'Specially reading old love letters.. I guess that's really the part that grabbed me. I know what it's like, feeling like crawling into a corner and reliving the past.. wondering if it'll come back... heh, waiting for it to be the way things were.. Feeling heartbroken, so angry at and lonely for the person who hurt you. Your poem was very direct, and still moving %) Still, maybe if you moved the "I just turn the page" down one line it might have more of an effect *shrugs* this is supposed to be a critique right? ;)

Hope Bratcher's picture

This is an incredible poem. I know how you feel. People say they care about you, and you start to believe it, and then they leave you without a second thought. I hate it when people do that.