I miss you Chris

Chris, You angel where did you fly to

I feel your soul breathing against my skin

I miss those jokes, Your teases...

All I know is.. anymore I lost my best friend

I was your beautiful blue eyes angel

You were something I believed in and something that was close to me

Chris...Couldnt you have told us good bye

Leaving us at your risk;

Questioning life.

I miss you Chris

When you fell to those prolonging forever lasting depths

I thought I'd smother in the hopes of just wanting you back.

I miss you Chris...

Feel my pain; and all that miss you

I can no longer bring my self to go to your grave;

For I have to have someone as close to me;

Follow me all the way

I miss you chris...

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Holly Fleming's picture

Thats a really great poem and I'm sorry for your loss