The pain and the sorrow

Waiting for him to come back tommorow

I lost my best friend

My heart will never mend

If tears could build a stairway

I'd walk up to heaven, and bring him back again

Some people think they understand

They dont, he was taken to a far away death land

Tears falling solemnly down

Noone hearing a single sound

I keep to my self

Putting his wedding band on the book shelf

Pain or sorrow wont bring him back

The pain will never cut any slack

I just know who he was

What he done

I just know that I love him

My heart will always cry

Wondering why

God had to take my father away.

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Lacie Baldwin's picture

Well, at least you had the chance of having one. Nice poem.

Abbey Reeder's picture

i really like this poem because it expresses your emotions on how you feel since your father. i DO understand what your going through because i have lost my father as well. i lost my father when i was 3 years old. i have also lost my father. i lost her when i was 14 and that's the hardest thing for me, in the world, because we were really close. keep the faith and things will get better in all due, keep smiling, and never give up.