Gothic Angel

Her eyes so blue, as if their frost

The blue shows how cold, her mornful heart

The blood whispering against her deadly lips

Her hair so dark

Her tears so Solemn

Falling against her pentacle

The spikes, The black clothing...

For she is the only one judged

The cold eyes in such a glare

You shiver at her painful stare

Her soul is beautiful, but people percieve her dead...

She is a gothic angel

This is what makes her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this when I was about 13
It's not that good, but it means... Do not judge the ones who are truly beautiful, but misunderstood.

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Leigh Stenhouse's picture

Once again you captured the feeling perfectly. I've always thought TRUE gothic people are very rich in soul and beauty. As Hope said, I go through this every day of my life. And even still the comments hurt, but you have to find a place where you say that they don't matter anymore, all their critisism and ignorant words are just that, words. Take from it, learn from it, take the agression and put it in art and poetry. I think you do that perfectly.

Hope Bratcher's picture

This poem reminds me of my friend, Leigh, who is like the girl in the poem. So I can totally relate to what you're saying, because I see her friend go through it everyday.

Megan Leigh Ellyson's picture

what can I say, good piece....very much enjoyed!

Bryant Harland's picture

Great work, I like how it captures the stereotype, as well as the real essence of those who dwell in darkness. I do not think you meant to do so, but you've written a marvelous allegory here. The Gothic Angel speaks for all those who have been cast out for fear of their darkness, which really isn't as dark as it seems.