A Hope, A World, A Love

Within this world, their has been so much, with out the love from you, their would not be a begining, you are everything that binds me

great... and everything that I need

In this world has thrown some tosses,

In which, we may not catch

You will always be there to catch me when I fall

You are everything to me

and That is all I ever will be,

Is your love... unconditonal?

Is it all I need?

I feed it seeping from my blotchy veins

I need your hard love

I need your hope, your world, and everything that makesYou(us) whole.

Innocent love, who believes in such a dim thing?

We find our selves crying over something that scares us...

Is it a scare, or is it a fear?

Whats the difference, Who knows.

Feeling your pain,


Healing to bound

A world of hope, a world... A love

Unconditionally , and forever

Never be apart..

Can you say the same?

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David Kriete's picture

This is a very touching poem. So much feeling just pours out...I could feel myself choking up a little when I read it. Simply beautiful...