Closer to me

Pulling at my heart, Tugging at my soul

Feeling your touch makes me feel okay

Perfection is with in the eyes of the beholder

At least when I'm with you... Tell me I'm perfect

A loving word makes you closer to me

From your love I shall grow

From this day I'll never let go

Only if you want me to

I will be the best I can be

atleast.. Could you offer the same?

I give you my heart, and my words I never share with another

The tears I never shared to one other being;

Please tell me what your seing

When your closer to me

I want words to flow from your love

and to be loved, and needed

For the closer to me, You'll be

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Kris Grula's picture

this is incredible. I don't feel as though I merely "read" this . . I feel that it reached out from this page and insinuated itself into my mind. The rhyme and flow is gorgeous, and the subject matter is perfect . . a vivid masterpiece .