Water My Poetry

Water My Poetry

Karyn Indursky

Your poetry is a waterfall 

washing me in poetic license 
to paint a canvas full of 
fantasy, dreams, and imagination.

Your poetry is a river 
flowing with imagery 
and the depths of the ocean 
as sand wiggles into your muse. 

Your poetry is a creek 
letting me walk through it barefoot 
to feel the emotions 
beyond perceptions to capture 
nature at it's purest.

Your poetry is a pond 
where the frogs sit 
awaiting to inspire me 
with dove's flying overhead 
adding their wondrous 
flight of American pride

Your poetry is rain 
dripping off the clouds
to water our grass, flowers, and trees 
to allow our opportunities to sprout. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Dove's poem, "Christmas Elf"



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  In your poem you create


In your poem you create such vivid imagery with your comments. Your poem encourages the reader to want to create a poem. A good poetic read.




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Nice imagery...

Nice imagery...

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thank you muin