Christmas Spirit Reigns‏

  • Christmas Spirit Reigns‏

  • Karyn Indursky

Saint Nick was coming near for Christmas Eve

was quieter than a mouse in your house

putting candy canes on trees with gifts to heave

he was caught beneath mistletoe by spouse


Like Rudolph's nose Saint Nick's cheeks did blush bright

they rode skies of children's dreams upon a sleigh

guiding their way everywhere that dark night

chocolate chip cookies kept hunger at bay


Chorus' of Christmas carolers lit skies

for this holy night of Jesus Christ to

be celebrated in our midnight flies

of elf's guiding the reigns this special hue


So long as we believe in God hearts

that's where the spirit of Christmas shall start

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allets's picture

The Spirit of Christmas

"...they rode skies of children's dreams..." is a summation of Christmas for kids in this line. A fine line indeed ~allets~



Poetic_Eyes's picture


the chidlren are a big part of the holiday. they're who we're trying to show the gift of giving, the story behind the holiday, and carry on the christmas legency.