Should I post, what should I post, yeah that seems to be the question

But if you kno me, then you know, writing is my preferred form of self expression 

Since my thoughts switched from being controlled.. to a familiar obesssion 

Filled with so much aggression, not to sound funny or crazy.. but love is just a different kinda form of possession 

That many downplay n hide for their own personal discretion

But me, Ima different form of aggression 

Cuz when my mind gets to stressing, 

My intuition keeps me guessing 

Either way it's just my mind n my heart, having silent confession

Gotta admit tho, its really refreshing 

That I can feel the progression  

In the connection 

While staring at my exact reflection 

So what's the lesson?! 


Cuz I'm most Comfortable when I'm sharing exactly what I'm feeling

That Seems to be the only therapy, that helps my mental healing 

Cuz just when I think I can't express anymore of this subject, I still find myself in my mind dealing 

As my heart keep revealing 

Feelings, I thought I did a dam good job at concealing 


Boy was I wrong

I'm so weak when it comes to you, breaking down my guard didn't take long 

As you undid years n years of protection that was suppose to keep me strong 

They say home is where the heart is.. so where do U think I belong?! 


I know exactly where 

Stuck in situations that ain't fair 

Won't so bad to be selfish 

Won't so bad to not care 

In moments so rare

still that hopeless romantic, who continues to dare 


But how dare you, 

how dare you bring me back to a place I didn't have the strength to bare

But whatever bc thats not here nor there

Cuz My truth has always been in the air 

Yet you hide your treasures so unaware

I may not be around physically, but spiritually I'm always there

 Praying the same prayer

That you never forget .. no one will ever compare 

Nor will anyone else fit, cuz like oil n water, some liquids are not meant to pair 

Love is precious, and hopefully oneday you will kno

That no matter what happens in life, Ill always be there 


I feel like certain things are just written in stone 

Now I could be wrong 


But you n I both kno we not where we should belong 

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