Allow me to introduce my self, as i splatter my energy onto thirrs page 

I'm a goddess day n night, best believe I burn my sage 

 Spread my truth like divine gospel, so it's a must I grace your stage

As I walk straight in my purpose, yes the beast within is out its cage 

Ready to wake up the walking dead, welcome to the aquarian age 


Welcome to the mind of ah poet, my thoughts are ah bit eclectic 

Freethinker mentally, my words are poetic 

Stimulation of the mind, yes I do the unexpected 

My energy is magnetic 

And my purpose is to Destroy,  ignorance unapologetic 

Don't shoot the messenger I'm just the poet, I've been divinely selected 


To give you truth over the lies, I am the poet whose majestic 

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Historically, the poets and

Historically, the poets and messengers are the first on the firing line.  But we still have an obligation to seek our truth.