Some Of My Quotes

*Life & Death are like parallel lines. There’s always a beginning but never an end and without each other there is nothing.

*One lives to die, but isn't death the essence of life.

*We dream so we can control ourselves in reality.

*There are different groups of trees in the forest yet they are all trees and the earth underneath them does not treat them any differently, only if people could learn this trait.

*To become a man you must first be a boy, one cannot ignore the process and achieve the same goal.

*To do is to learn and to learn is to understand and to understand is to experiences and to experience is priceless.

*You can change the past and the future by changing your state of mind.

*Nature is pure in every form and does no meaningless damage, the only anomaly is us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know don't make any sense.

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