Your Soul


It seems liek yesterday

when we were in high school

all by my lonesome

when you took a stand

i suddenly had a friend

that didn't care why i was alone

or why i seemed so sad

who understood i just wanted

to be accepted

to laugh, to talk

to enjoy company of others


it took a huge mistake

one i thought i would never make


to realize you were there


so patiently waiting

for me to finally see

what i needed was in front of me

the entire time


after the non stop chats

the constant smiling and giggling

to myself

an epiphany sparked in my mind

realizing my happiness

i seized the moment

nervous of the turn down

scared, but prepared

for the rejection ahead

i sucked it up and grabbed the horns

to mak you my happiness

to make you my world


when you answered so quickly

no hesitation, no pause

saying the answer altering

my world


everything became brighter

cheerier, happier

i forgot what happiness

felt like

how it made me feel

what it meant


Now i seewhere true happiness

and love lies

it lies in your eyes

where your soul lives.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

a piece about my true feelings for my boyfriend who was my best friend since High School

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Love is the best thing life

Love is the best thing life can offer. It can help you realize why life doesnt always suck. I took it for granted and now no longer have it. Hold on to what you have for as long as you can.

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Nice Sentiment

Love rocks!