Method To the Madness

mental illness

Everything needs to be in their place

Everything needsto line up

Be in a specific order


Color and size

The light needs to be turned on and off

An even amount of times

Or my mind believes

Something bad will happen

My rituals are my rituals

My routines are my routines

If either are broken

My head feels like it's going to burst

With anxiety, with panic

Thinking that my world will crumble

Concentration becomes impossible

It's eating in the back of my head

Eating it alive

"How do i fix it to make it better?"

"How can i get my life back in order?"

It feels liek my mind races

With a million idea and thoughts

To make it alright again

My heart beats faster

My breathing becomes faster


Ineed to sit, about to pass out

I feel as though i can't calm down

If the routine, the ritual

Is not fixed or put back in order

It may be too much for others

To understand

But to me, it's simple, easy

It's my way of life

There is a method to the madness


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I suffer from a slight case of OCD; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. i wanted people to kind of get the sense of what it is like for someone who suffers from it. i hope this sort of educates about how every person who suffers from OCD has a method to their madness.

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Learn to stop fighting it and

Learn to stop fighting it and questioning it will help. Its like jumping into freezing water, but you can do it if you let go. The more you try to control your fear the more it controls you. 

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im just trying to bring light to it... some people say they suffer it slightly but there are people who are crippled by it....

Joanna S.

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The world dissembles, the mind arranges and organizes - how is irrelevant, that is the point. The mind is going to do its thing in spite of meds or conversation as advice: moment to moment living. If I had to be neatly clean and in order all the time, I'd never have time to do anything but monitor for orderliness and constantly adjust toward perfection. It's a life. The mind decides.