Have you read the Bible

The book of God, made known ?

Have you read the Bible

To see what God hath shown ?

Have you read the Bible

And love it just like me ?

Have you read the Bible

To know eternity ?

I have read the Bible

And I can sure tell you

It is a book that you should read

Because God wants you, too.

Now, how about creation ?

Genesis makes it clear

That it was NOT evolution

About which you always hear.

And if you want to know

About sin, death and all;

Genesis also makes it clear

Just how mankind did fall.

The Bible tells of Yeshua messiah

The love of God that's free,

You can read about Him

In John's Gospel, chapter three.

And if you want to know

What God has done for you

You had better have a read

In Acts at chapter two.

Now if you still don't understand

You might be in a fix

Then you better read in John

This time at chapter six.

And should you come to faith in Messiah

This is regeneration;

So read about the future

In the book called Revelation !

2 Timothy 3:16,17

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Excellent summary!