'Thy seed shall bruise the serpent's head'

God did say to Eve;

This the Lord spoke of the 'Christ'

On whom we must believe.

But Catholicism doth reject

This truth that's found in Christ

And exalts the queen of heaven

For Rome is sin enticed.

Now the seed that came from Miriam's womb

Is Yeshua, God's own Son

And not 'their' Mary as Catholics claim

That counterfeited one.

For the mother of Yeshua was blessed

Among all women that be;

A true handmaiden of the Lord

Was Miriam, of Israel's tree.

But Yeshua is the SEED

The Vine, the Branch the Root

He bruised the serpent's head;

LORD YESHUA the absolute !!!

'And to thy seed, which is CHRIST.'

Galatians 3:16

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