The One For Whom I Never Wrote A Poem

It occurred to me today 
That I never wrote a poem
about you
And the thought made me sad

Did you not inspire me?
Did you touch me less deeply than others?
I don't think so
The thought sickens me

And so I pondered at length
Trying to analyze 
what may have been different 
where some disconnect 
have happened

And I looked back
through my old poetry
Trying to discern a pattern
Something usual
that was missing with you

I cried a little
as I read through my past
Lovers lost
Lessons learned

And then I realized

Pain is my motivator.

You, darling,
you did not cause me
the kind of pain 
I have always felt in the past 

You did not harm me
I did not need to purge myself
Bleed agony into words on a page
Before I could even begin 
to move forward 

You and I did things right
Yes, I wanted more 
but above all else
I wanted you in my life

And though I lost us 
I did not lose you

That is the difference.

So this is your poem
A poem of thanks 
The first of its kind in my journal


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The Fault

Was in her stars. Healing happens. - slc



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Now I know why they all left

Now I know why they all left me.  Thank you!