My Goal

A New Era

My poetry is my life. 

It's how I tear my heart open

for the world to see. 

My goal for my poetry

is to touch other people's heart. 

To show that they are not alone. 

That someone knows how they feel. 

Poetry is who I am. 

It's how I show my complete self. 

I can't hide behind these words of poetry, 

cuz they bring me out in the open. 

My goal for my poetry...

Is to show that you can be a survivor. 

Instead of being a victim. 

That nothing is impossible 

if you put your mind to it. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

April 1, 2018

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I Write A Lot

After years, writing becomes breath and nourishment. To intake the world view as shown in the camera obscura and condensing it further into one or two notions worthy of comment is a life's work. I walk among the voices and channel them thrugh poetic devices learned over long periods of bad writing and offer them to myself like little iconic treasures. I invite any with faith and love to visit. - slc



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a beautiful thought,let

a beautiful thought,let everybody read your soul