Long Ago Dreams

2008 Poetry

Long Ago Dreams

Artwork from millennia inked on stone

by people past, struggling to survive.

Living in caves from fear of the unknown,

by feeling pain they knew they were alive.

Crushed berries for ink and twigs for a brush,

smeared on the walls by the light of a fire.

Storming outside they could hear the wind rush,

while spreading strokes before they would retire.

People, feet and game they would sketch and draw,

as well as odd designs laid over color.

Telling stories portraying what they saw,

in endless detail smaller and smaller.

Endless dreams of man from ages ago,

left by our ancestors by a campfire glow.

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Hayley Neill's picture

i love how i can lose myslef in your writing!

Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Sometimes the shadows of the past can be felt by the present, and right now I've felt it! Lovely.