During the day I dream of you,

I wish it was friday,

I wish I weren't in lessons,

That I'm with you.

In your arms I know I'm safe,

With you by my side I can conqour

any obsticle that befalls me,

we can do it together.

No matter where I am,

I know you love me,

With your love I can survive being miles away.

It wont be long till I see you again.

At night the last thing I see is you,

your caring face looking down on me,

watching over me, my protection from bad dreams.

In sleep you are there.

You never leave my mind,

even if I'm in deep concentration,

In some lesson or other,

you are still there.

Then it's the end of the day,

I'm walking hand in hand with you,

towards the warmth of my home,

that soon I shall leave.

When I do I'll not want to leave you,

I want to be yours forever,

Just like my heart is.

I never want to lose you.

Two years is a long time,

but in a comparison to the rest of my life,

It is hardly any time at all,

I want to be with you till death parts me from you.

Our love can survive that time,

only two years away,

the connection will grow,

and I'll still love you so.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you Alex, I don't want to be parted from you. I never want to leave you. Can I be yours forever? Do you want me forever?

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Rhemorigher Arbeth's picture

hmmm *was sure he already commented on this one.*

Two years away, yet two millenia I'll love you, and three I'll hold your heart.
Then two thousand years since our loves first start,
I'll re-view you from eyes clear.
And see that I still hold you dear.
I'll take you back within my arms,
and subject myself to your heavenly charms.

No matter how long your away for, it wont be enough for my love to fade. I just hope you feel the same (and come back early!)

Soph's picture

i really like this poem. i know how you felt when you wrote it and i think its really cool how you have somewhere to express it.