prison of my heart

I'm hidden, hidden behind the rain

hidden behind the pain

hidden behind destrution

hidden again and again

This person, person is not me

this person you see

is not true but not a lie either

this human on the brink of insanity

i'll steal no happiness from you

all that i have is me

i kno nothing else but pain

they spoke of love, but what is it

here in this cruel place?

I'm a person on the brink of insanity,

but i'm hidden

hidden from all who seek,

you will not find me

find me where you want me

My barriers are to strong

strong for you to penetrate

even if they had to,

the barriers could not fall,

encased in a prison,

prison of my heart

my feelings i will not show

to you or anyone else

not even my BEST friend

for if i let them go

there will be to much pain to deal with

here in this little heart of mine

betrayal of a family

that is what i suffer.

they left me long ago

their betrayal, the cut was more real,

more real than you know

i'd never imagined a life without them

and so i retreated to hidding in this prison

the prison of my heart.

i wish the barriers would crumble

so that i could let you nearinstead i'e been pushing you away

i don't want to,i love you

more than i can say

i love you even in this cage

I'm hidden, hidden behind the rain

hidden behind destruction

hidden behind the pain

hidden behind destruction

hidden behind the betrayal

Please don't ignore me,

Please find the key and let me out,

I'll let you in, into my mind

into my life, into my heart.

just one condition

be kind to my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i can't remember why i wrote this. what do you think?

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mouths_of_babes's picture

This is my fave of your stuff. Like it!

Love ya.

Anon's picture

Would I be presumptious enough to remember for you?

I think not... but either way around, this is a haunting and touching poem. Kudos.

Namir's picture

this needs to go in a portfolio. but spell check and gremmer check.
line 3: destrution ?
line 5: person,person ?
line 11: kno ?

then more minor stuff. you should do the same with all your writings and then when you have about.......100+ pages, you should try to publish it.