Fears and such

I’m scared I won’t be enough


That I’ll wake up one morning

Amidst the gray toned walls,

Gripping your long gone warmth,


Unhinged from the last tether I’d formed

In my last desperate lunge


I’m scared of the hole you’ll have dug

All care gone, your wit turned to fruition


Your whispered, hopeful nothings

Falling as snow, beautiful, delicate lies


I’m scared of the impression you’ll leave

Heavy, unabated and unkempt


Ghosting the lights in my mind

Sunken in and deluded into brightness


But most of all I’m scared I’ll be free

Absconded of your presence


That you’ll leave me like the snow

All at once everywhere, then deliquescing into itself


I’m scared you’re not enough.


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this word was begging to be born here, right here, eloquently melting the heart and eye and ear, like snow - allets