in my heart

im looking out of the window,from my favorite chair,and in the quiet of the morning-i still see you there,i can hear your laughter  and see your smiling face-you've left me with memories that nothing can replace--finally ,there are no tears upon my face- because i know-your in a better place--and they will love you there,and i will miss you here--but i'll be strong-you gave me the best love that ive ever known-and you live on----in my heart,in my heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i just wrote this thinking of robin williams daughters comments about her dad. just something that came to my mind,

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I Loved this!! i love the way it is writen! :)

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Thank you Raelyn,glad you liked it. take care,

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The Last Line

The repetition tore at something inside me. Nice write, nice tribute - Just Bein' Stella.





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Thank you Stella, !!