Deer on the side of the road smiling

Car passes by and I

glance over and see a child waving from the back seat.

I sneek a wave back because I didn't want to anger

the child's mother in the front seat

seeing her child waving to a stranger.

Danger! Danger!

No, I wouldn't blame her.

Not in today's world.


Car speeds past me. Flying!

What the F@*k! What's the rush?

Oh no! Up front there's a bus.

Car switches lanes from left to right and then right again.

Tailspins as the road bends. 

I swerve. The bus swerves.

Car ended up in ditch last I heard.


Shades are on as the sun is rising.

Listening to tunes.

Feeling intuned because Yo, that's my jam!

Damn, I remember when they used to play this in the club.

So I turned that shit up

Rolled my windows down and said real loud..

"It's all about the Benjamin's baby"!


Now it's time for me to start braking

Exit is approaching. It's this exit that I take when

I'm on my way to make them Benjamins.

Pull up to the job

Jump out

Car is locked.

Jump in

Day begins.


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