The feeling you get, when you just have to lick your lips. A person so fine the butterflies do flips. You get the courage to go ask for help, but then they smiled and all your words are thrown on the shelf. Confused and lost in his eyes you become mesmerized. You feel fingertips rolling down your spine. Everything stops except time. There's no noise, no eyes looking at you. Ooooooh ! The feeling you get when you just have to stare. A person so fine you want to take it there. By the way their body sways and you just feel used and confused. Hypnotized from the hope, that they might be lost. But your lost for words. You must be dreaming. You can feel them touching your spots and saying things you've never heard. You want your dream to come true. TONIGHT ! Just tonight, they give you butterflies inside

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'love is nature's way of

'love is nature's way of giving
a reason to be living'
God answer the wishes He has planted in your heart