Christmas round the corner and it got to be white!

As white as snow, unlike the troublesome blues!

 So chilly it ought to be, but not so foggy as it is;

Yet, it’s reminiscent of, what the joy of Christmas is!


It’s just the tip of the iceberg that reminds us of;

The Son of God, who has emerged to save mankind;

Could I embrace and welcome the redeemer of humankind?

When my hands go numb, and get into pockets.


Hey!  The snowflakes keep falling; wrapping the expanse,

 I go candid and do bother about, the untimely ‘Santa’!

Would he be able to tumble out of the whitish white?

As I long to grab the snow wrapped gifts!


Oh!  There he comes, sledging his way;

Crushing the white as he speeds down the slope;

Yet I got to introspect and think of the past;

As it got to be white; but not so white!


Whites and blacks come at will; roses and reds come along;

Violets and blues are colors of the past; still

The arrival of the upcoming ‘Xmas is pronounced!

Oh! It got to be just white, but not so white!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Christmas round the corner and so the feeling of chillness and snow; besides the expectation of the joy of Christmas.  


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happy christmas. excellent

happy christmas. excellent work.

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Thanks Sahid for your best wishes and comment.