The Merry-go-round.

Thoughts are things.  

They’re a magnet that brings 

About what we desire. 


An innocent crush? 

Or a gesture of plush, 

True romance? 

I did wonder. 


Our dance was electric. 

Emotions bred frantic. 

Descent was a blunder. 


And now, even still, 

A moment of you, 

Leads to lifetimes of hunger. 


A wire is loose in my heart over this. 

My spirit knows when 

A great love has been missed. 


I’ll dream of your eyes, 

Of your lips on my lips. 

I’ll pleasure myself thinking of our eclipse. 


I’m writing this now, 

As a fool who is scared. 

To trust that the longings I’ve harboured are shared. 


I’ve never met someone 

Who carved out my chest. 

A place for his unbridled passion to rest. 


I fear that your taste 

Would destroy my existence. 

A drug that’s immune to my futile resistance.  


I’m sorry, I fucked up, 

If your aim was pure. 

I've just been so crushed by a similar lure. 


I love that you found me. 

I love that you cared. 

And by your request, 

I will leave it all there. 

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Marvelous Journey Write


Incredible imagery. Everone can find their story somewhere in a verse or mature three lines. Whew, left pieces of me on ragged edges of this epic love story and its end. (Excuse me, I need oxygen). ~S~