Heart of Limbo

Pondering the relevance of love.

This is not meant to be understood

What if i'm no longer in the search for love....?

Journeys of lust maybe a fitting replacement.

Decide love is not nessasary?

Go though life with heart strings severed.

Then the mind controls all ...

Never again will the heart sing nor cry.

  For it has been dismissed.  

A tormented soul

use to lust for love,

passion and trust.

The hearts now torn

between earth and sphere.

Some deep vortex of limbo.

Post dramatic love syndrome.....?

Presents only the warrior of lust.

When emotion and true intent is offered

The heart of limbo will not be touched.

Now morn only for that

which most take for granted.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not to worrie,the heart strings are still attached. My heart shall sing and cry until I die.

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ugonna's picture

Evocative and subtly contemplative,
Patricia. The feeling breaths and
the reality expresses...


Reco Humphrey's picture

great topic and great poem I and many could relate to this I often felt this way and always end up in love and hurt again but theres something that keeps making me keep searching I guess thats just the way love goes keep up the great work

Jerome Burdi's picture

Quite a topic ...Patricia..I really like the "warrior of lust"line..really drives home the true meaning, here.Dismissing the heart,your writtings suggests this to be impossible as you are full of passion.I think ...all in all this poem is a winner.I really enjoyed it!

pudnsis1's picture

Words full of power and emotion are revealed to me.
To loose one's heart and love to lust would be inconceivable. Wonderful poem, well written words. Thanks for sharing. Love, peace and freedom, Linda

Ernest Bevans's picture

Limbo is a place twixt heaven and hell
that place is earth the host of paradise.
Paradise is where the heart dwells.

Pondering the relevance of love in your
wonderful poem, i will say that Love is
necessary. Keep Writing - Keep the Faith.