Visions of love

If love can be described as sight, thine darkness seems eternal.

A blind woman desires to have sight again.

She can only recall in her minds eye,

how awe inspiring the colors, mountains and landscapes can be.

For now, darkness is all she knows.

How would she feel to have sight restored?

She may then know what spatular visions she's missing.  

Her fear? Can this last?

Love like sight can be as beautiful as the amazement of the winters first snow.

The thick mist over the lakes,

as the sun rises in the cool of a spring morning.

The deep orange glow of the sun,

tucked in a pink, red and purple haze,

with pillowy clouds rolling across the skies horizon just before sunset.

The clear blue waters and warm white sands of the tropics.

The rich greens of grass and leaves the rains of May bring.

The amazing rainbow explosion of colors in the gardens of spring.  

The pure beauty of the seasons change.

The wondrous browns and rich blend of reds, orange and yellow in fall.

The beauty of standing in the forest thick, the way the sun beams throughout the trees and cast dancing light rays and shadows in the wind.

To experience sight again. Even if only for a moment.

To know love again.

I have felt the glory of love.

Thine vision was a brief one. Yet, a miraculous utopia.

Many may never experence the vision of true love.

Dare I ask, to again be given this gift? Shall I live to see it once more?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Forever I ponder on the spirit of love.
If love comes will it last or will I again fall into darkenss?

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poetvg's picture

amazing work :*).

ugonna's picture

Thought provoking and inspiring.
Love indeed touches on the deepest
part of our existence as human
beings. God Himself is Love. And
surely, it is the reality of love
that makes us humane enough to be
called human inspite of the pain,
uncertainty it often brings us:
But then, above all, there is
enough joyful fulfilment for
humanity within love...

Thank you so much, Patricia for
sharing "A Vision of Love"!!


pudnsis1's picture

This is awe-inspiring. The comparison of a lost love to blindness. It is so true that when we lose someone we love to cower into darknes,it takes a long time for our minds to allow all that God and Nature has given us, because we feel we have been betrayed. Once we begin to realize that the beauty and love is still out there looking for us is when we may see again. Never give up, nor give in. True love always finds it's mate. Love, peace and freedom,
selction committee