Day Dreams

I dream of rosy skies with a violet haze,

Fiery flowers that burn and blaze.

Springtime showers that burst at will

Yet, the sun sets slow as if time stood still.

Moments in time one must seize,

like the sun warming rapture of a late April breeze.

Sweet young love.

See them embrace.

He'll place his hands upon her face.

I love you.

A silhouette of lovers hold hands in a gaze under the rosy skies with a violet haze.

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poetvg's picture

will u please :*)
read my poem
called Howie ?
and will u please
tell me if its any good.
thank you so much
and keep on writing.

Kathy Nguyen's picture

Pretty images! Romantic! Mmm. This poem is already making me daydream!! This is really sweet and lovely!


David Richardson's picture

Another beautiful poem written by you.I love the use of nature in this poem. The poem expresses so much love and extreme beauty. This is a truly masterful piece. Thank you for sharing with me.

Dave Richardson