The Bikers Prayer

Dark rebel knight

Rides on eagles flight

Of horses and might.

The roar of his charm,

Strong leather bound arms.

Wind swept hair,

Weather beaten stair.

Fly to your place

Explore Gods space

Sun and wind you'll embrace.

Seize moments in time,

Your at peace sublime.

Hell!  Your poetry in motion!

Express your spiritual devotion!

Praise God your alive!

Keep him with you as your guide,

Let go of all pride

It hides your beauty inside.

Journey on dark night.

Praise your beauty an light.

Let wind take you where it might.

May God always keep you in his sight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to: My brother
Mark Robert Hink.
My angel with a name.

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- Mountaindreamer's picture

I read this and left but something told me to come back and tell I think this is beautiful. It is really a piece of art. Thank you.