God Receives Her

        You've Come back to me sweet angel.

Now calm your tears.

Let me embrace you child

and ease your fears .

You are home.

yet somehow feel loss and sorrow.

Rest dear girl till it is marrow.

You ask of thee,

If I am an angel

Where are my wings?

On to you my child I reply.

It’s forever been your selfless love

that allows your beauty To fly,

Your actions on earth became

your harp strings.

You, my sweet blessed angel

have always had your wings.

You were born to be an angel.


Patty Hermes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a sweet girl was murdered
young and so beautiful.
lost to us but found once again by our loving Father.

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. Donkerman's picture

Dear Patty

It is such a lovely poem! May we all be angels - once in our lives - but, before we die!