It’s a necessary need,

A driving force,

I’m a chronic, compulsive poet of course.

To orchestrate thoughts,

Deliver them free,

To comprise the words to imagery.

A symphonic way to form a verse,

To drink verbal creations to quench my thirst.

To design and arrange with poetic intent,

To inspire people through word to vent.

Share your passion ,

From thy soul be heard.

Tis I your humble poet,

Bestow upon the my gift of word.


Patty Hermes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poets dream is to be heard.To give of her soul.

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ugonna's picture

A powerful and heartfelt explication of the poet's creative passion - A revealing concept of the moving beauty of creativity. Just listen to Patty: "Share your passion, From thy soul be heard." For me these lines define the finest moments of this metaphorical poem. It is a stirring cry of the creative soul somewhere in an ancetral village square of inspiration and humility! You've got the creative passion, Patty. Just let me hear more of it! Ugonna