COULD YOU HELP?                              
You see, I’ve come to the crossroad that run through my life. While fast approaching this road called ex-wife.

I know this is where I must turn but. I’m afraid of what’s ahead and all I must learn.

Can’t go back, that was the bumpiest of roads,
ans what lies ahead is unseen and untold.

Trust, my journey was not taken in haste
for he threw me away like refuge or waste.

Yes, the last ten years I traveled with a man,
he never saw the issues that we had at hand.
We where so lost! He had no detection,
of course he never would stop to ask for direction!

So, now I must travel alone in my life
and turn on this road that is called ex-wife.

Oh, could you help me find the intersection of:
Thin and Rich? I heard It’s in the CITY OF INDEPENDENCE!
Down the road from BOYFRIEND BLV And EASY STREET!

Patty Hermes


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. Donkerman's picture

Hi Patty

How sad that it should be... I poem painting in pain.