Symphony in Sable


What music is pain
when it sings to the night
summoning an unknown

behind walls of sable
and windows of


Any voice would
be a holy visitation,

but yours would
be Life.


Under the broken shell
of the moon I would
find deliverance
in each thread of
antique light.


But I'd rather your face
finally fade into
into infinity;

the north star sinking
into the boundless
dust and when
you are at last the
scattered powder
breathing darkness,

I will know the name
of freedom.


Forgetting will no
longer be a battle
between my heart and
Hell's legions,

And I will sing like
the captive bird

and fly in my dreams.


Patricia Joan Jones

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"Under the broken shell/of the moon..." Nice use of sable in title ~S~



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I value your opinion, and I

I value your opinion, and I was very encouraged by your kind comment. Many thanks.