Always You


I never thought that I could
love you;

who loves the winter when the
spring rains down its confetti fit
of dreams outside your


And then I saw you were the
and every bead of hope
that comes packaged in
the rain.


How could I have missed it

as you burned your Truth
across my soul
and shuffled stars into a
kingdom of my own

night by night

as we drank the
moonglow like some wild
potion and loved like
this was our very
last drop of
Heaven . . .


How could I have missed you,
waiting, loving,
like a halo around
the phantom face of doubt
and care;


it was always you,
redeeming shadows,
teaching stars new lines
to speak,
sifting the black winds of
night with your


I never thought that I could
love you,
but I do.


by Patricia Joan Jones

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As winter turns into spring

"For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;"
"Song of Solomon 2 : 11

How does bright sun turns snowflakes into dew
transforming winter into living spring
as I eternally become brand new
raptured by your spirit ... how sweet you sing?

A songbird in my darkness called … love me
and suddenly my soul is bathed in joy
You touch my hand in kindness … I now see
Earth winter's starlit spring … redrawn … O boy!

We fly far away to pretty rainbows
across wide heavens … dance new gaits of stars
as angels join to make sunny spring shows
new chords and lyrics bursting hot quasars.

Heavens now rejoice in new found glory
you touch my hand … sparking love's new story.

As winter turns into spring.

Copyright: Newell Elsworth Usher
Silver Streak of Silver Springs, Florida
August 13, 2003