Broadcasting light from
another lifetime,


plowing between stars
and across lifeless prairies
with no beginning or end,
a vagabond ice storm,


echo of a feverish scream
belted out at
the dawn of creation,


it intrudes upon the weariness
of one blazing blue eye
staring out at the millennia
of darkness.


Distance has frozen this
celebrity of the moment,
golden child of dreamers,
for one gasp in Time's marathon.


Soon to dive into a net
of shivering stars
in another vastness,
this wandering performer moves on.


The night's choir sings
a little softer now,
and yesterday's news
turns into another day.


by Patricia Joan Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Published in 'Theatre of the Mind'. Written during the appearance of Hale Bop. 

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saiom's picture

magnificent.. all of it

'soon to dive into a net of shimmering stars'!!!!