Dancing in Your Song

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You see the world as it is,
sometimes a zoo with chaos
on both sides of the bars,
a theater, a crucible,
a chain, a promise,

but always more than what
it seems.


How could I have known when
I held you in my arms years
ago that I was holding hidden
lightening that would sear
my skies with gold,
a lifeline to a shore a
little closer to heaven
where love just is
like the worlds that
always were.


God, who tore fire from a void,
made music in a vacuum,
shaped a radiant soul beneath
this doubting heart
and handed the world a small
light to improve by
when He trusted me with the
potential that grew
and discovered
and became the miracle
that is you.


by Patricia Joan Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my son, Stephen

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onelilartist's picture

Only another mother could understand how eloquently you spoke here for all of us. I was very touched by this work. I too have felt the same awe at realizing the wonderful specimen of humanity in my arms came from me---but by God's grace. This is a blessing to read.

Thanks for visiting my page. I really like your poetry.

Jessica onelilartist