A Day to Dance With


On a day like today
tell me not to believe
in Heaven
and I'll find it easier
to write Sanskrit
on a grain of rice;



call this natural selection,
a ballet of cells
that choreographed itself,
nerves and love and blood
spit out of
an ancient sea,

and I'll call that blind faith.



Today my soul
is a swarm of bees,
the color of the leaves
screaming to their deaths,

and it understands the forest
aging gracefully before my eyes--
trees soon to be startled nudes
flowing like ink in the rain.


But today . . .

today is what God
worked so hard for--
to see someone
crawl into this moment
and want it
with all they have in them,
the way a deer puts its soul
into flight from the hunter,
the way a hunter flings
its soul at the deer,



to be uncivilized, brazen,
and not look back,



to be an audience
like the sky,
yet microscopic
as a lifetime,

to praise . . .



by Patricia Joan Jones

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dr's picture

Nicely composed, well written poem of praise. Thank you for taking so much time on my work. I appreciate your consideration.

Turki Amer's picture

i like this most:

"Trees soon to be startled nudes
Flowing like ink in the rain"

and this too:

"To be an audience like the sky"

thanks for sharing